Friday, 29 September 2017

Types of Jobs in Digital Marketing - Excel Range Training Institute


Digital Marketing is a skill-based profession and those skills develop with time, patience and practice. It is not just a profession, it is a complete package which compiles of different varieties of professions. Freelancing is also an important benefit of digital marketing. Apart from doing a job, freelancers work from home and earn good amount of money. Not just for companies in India also for the people in other countries because the most important investment is the internet. A digital marketer just needs a good internet connection to work.

Types of Job Options available in Digital Marketing are:
Digital marketing strategist
•    Digital marketing executive
Types of Jobs in Digital Marketing From Excel Range Training Institute•    SEO analyst
•    Social media specialist
•    Google AdWords specialist
•    Email marketing specialist
•    Web Analyst
•    Online reputation manager
•    Content marketing
•    Content writer

Fresher makes around 15-30000 each month and a professional earning has no limits. Freelancing can also be a good option wherein writing blogs or choosing to blog as a full-time career. They can earn money through affiliate marketing and other strategies. Working initially might be a difficult task but once the number of viewers and traffic increases income will start through ad sense and affiliate marketing.

The best part about being a digital marketer is that after completing the course it is not mandatory to work for an employer because there are various other options through which money can be generated even being at home with a good internet connection.

 A lot of people are becoming a YouTuber and they post the video with fresh and informative content and once they start getting views and once people start subscribing their channel, they make money through youtube monetization. The increasing need and demand for digital marketing are improving the field of Digital Marketing every day and there are various job options, however, we are lacking Digital Marketers.

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